NH-220 (Longshine 8220/AdsTech NAS-806-EF)

Most of this information came from searching the internet and the openNAS wiki. Also with a little help from Google Translator. These are rebranded Netronix NAS units.

What is Not Inside

The unit comes without a hard drive. I have installed a 320 GIG drive successfully, so this works. I have read that it will work with up to a 400 GIG hard drive but I have not tried this myself.

What is Inside

There are two NH-220 versions, one has 32MB RAM (Allnet, Flepo) and the other 64MB RAM (Longshine 8220, ADS) main memory. I have an ADS version so this is the type I am concerned and will cover.

The NAS runs an embedded version of Linux. Some of the major components:

PMC-Sierra (MSP2006 MIPS) MSP (Multi Service Processor) SoC 
(acquired from Brecis Communications)

Core: MIPS 4Km
Speed: 167 MHz Max
Interfaces: (2) 10/100, PCI SDRAM, local bus, UARTs, SPI/MPI 2-wire serial
PMC site has additional CPU specs
This CPU does not have a Memory Management Unit (MMU). 

ITE 8211F IDE Controller

  • Compatible with the ATA/ATAPI-6 specification
  • 512 bytes FIFO for data transfer per IDE channel
  • Supports Scatter/Gather function for DMA/UDMA transfer
  • Supports pre-fetch and post-write function for PIO mode per IDE channel

IC Plus Corp.

  • Single Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Transceiver

BOTHHAND 10/100 Base Pulse Transformers

ProMOS Technologies Inc.
SDR Synchronous DRAM

  • Density 256 MegaBit (2 Chips on ADS = 64 Meg Bytes)
  • Organization 16M x 16
  • Voltage 3.3V
  • Refresh 8K
  • Part Number V54C3256164VD
  • Package T
  • Speed 7 (143MHz@CL3)

Macronix International (MX)
Boot Sector Flash

  • Density 32 MegaBit (4 Meg Bytes of 8 bits)
  • Part Number MX29LV320ABTC-90
  • Access Time 90 ns

Board Connections

J1: NAS power supply in connection
J2: Power connection for IDE hard drive
J3: NAS internal fan connection
J4: COM1
J5: 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet port
J6: COM2 (?)

JP1: JTAG (?)
JP2: IDE interface

SW1: NAS Power ON/OFF switch 
SW2: Reset Switch

LD1: Power LED
LD3: Network LED