Essential eCS-OS/2 Programs

This page is very out of date.

I decide to list the programs, apps and utilities, I always seems to install.

  • wget Andreas Ludwig’s wget port. This one was done with Knut’s gcc. It also comes as a wpi package.
  • Generalised Bitmap Module (GBM) with plugins for Seamonkey and Lucide. Seems that this does not get updated with the eCS release candidates.
  •    lswitch – lcss
  • Recoll for OS/2

Seamonkey (v1.1.9 as of April 2008)

  • There is an official version of Seamonkey and an enhanced version by Peter Weilbacher. I prefer to use Peter’s version which can be downloaded from SourceForge .
  • Seamonkey addons
  • Jeremy’s Mozilla Extensions
  • xsidebar xSidebar is an extension that brings the look and feel of Firefox style sidebars to Seamonkey. In addition, xSidebar also implements the infrastructure – the XUL elements and javascript APIs from Firefox – to make porting Firefox sidebar extensions to Seamonkey as painless as possible.
  • Firefox sidebar extensions that are either fully compatible, or have been modified to work in Seamonkey with xSidebar installed.
  • Chatzilla this is usually a newer version than is provided by Seamonkey install


  • Open Watcom 1.7a (October 2007) Open Watcom is a project of the open source community to maintain and enhance the Watcom C, C++, and Fortran cross compilers and tools.
  • gcc 3.3.5 kLIBC is a C runtime library in which the coder is exploring The Single Unix Specification (SUS) and various *BSD, Sun and Linux interfaces used in ‘portable’ software. (Netlabs FTP)