Links – what would a webpage be without them?

EComstation – OS/2 is not dead!

Netlabs – center for free OpenSource Software for OS/2 and also eComStation
Netlabs Wiki
EDM/2 Wiki

Open Watcom – Open Source Watcom C/C++ and Fortran cross compilers and tools
kLIBC svn page 

Koders – Source code search
The un*x to OS/2-EMX Porting FAQ
The POSIX/2 Project
IBM Library Server Library

OS/2 World – Internet’s premier community resource for OS/2 & eCS news
eComStation Developer Portal
Team OS/

Paul Smedley’s gcc port page
AndyMac’s Home (Python port)

Tavi OS/2 pages
os2ecs organization

Team OS/2 Region Trier e.V.
Alexander Mai’s OS/2 page source search

OS/2 IRC Channels:


irc:// #ecs #netlabs
irc:// #ecs #netlabs
irc:// #watcom
irc:// #os2-ecs
irc:// #ecomstation