Open Watcom

24 July 2015:

These are my old Open Watcom pages moved here without any change.  It is just for my reference.

19 March 2008:
Japheth’s side project: Wasm v1.7j is a fork of Open Watcom’s WASM. The goal is to have a MASM v6 compatible open source version available. 

Steven’s wrc beta, works more like IBM rc: A better version included in the 1.8 tree? Not sure.

01 April 07

28 March 07
I ran into a problem with getopt where OSs other than those defined __UNIX__ allow an alternate option character “/”. This is in addition to the normal or POSIX option character ” – “. Here is where this is set (getopt.c):

#ifdef __UNIX__
char __altoptchar = ‘-‘;
char __altoptchar = ‘/’; // alternate option character

This causes the above mawk example to fail, so I do this before getopt() in OS/2:

The solution for non-__UNIX__ OSs is to do this:
extern char __altoptchar;
__altoptchar = ‘-‘;