This is a special entry into DosKillProcess, which is more rigid in killing processes: the killed process won’t be able to execute its kill signal handler, thus open files might not be closed properly. A process currently operating in ring 0 will terminate as soon as it returns to ring 3 (this means, a process blocked in the kernel, e.g. on a pending I/O, can still not be killed). This devhlp corresponds to the SESKillProcess API.
Calling convention

  • BX = Pid of process to kill, 0 = current process
  • DL = 07dh


  • CY=0, AX = 0, okay
  • CY=1, AX = APIRET error code

Data structures



Valid at TASK time only.

Republished without permission from Holger Veit’s long gone webpages – MKG