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So, getting a MBR and os2boot on a hard drive image was a real pain. None of the current CDs would boot to a point where I could get the job done. I resorted to doing it the hard way. I mounted an old 630 meg IDE hard drive (just having this around should label me a packrat) and booted the system with an eCS 2.0 RC4 CDROM. Using the eCS tools I made a compatible partition which was bootable and wrote the MBR. Next, I did a long JFS format on the partition which completed but with errors toward the end of the format process. 

eax: 0x0000aa55 43605
ecx: 0x00000000 0
edx: 0x00000080 128
ebx: 0x00000000 0
esp: 0x0000ffdc 65500
ebp: 0x00000000 0
esi: 0xffff0000 -65536
edi: 0x0008fdba 589242
eip: 0x00007c00
eflags 0x00000082
IOPL=0 id vip vif ac vm rf nt of df if tf SF zf af pf cf
cs:s=0x0000, dl=0x0000ffff, dh=0x00009b00, valid=1
ds:s=0x0000, dl=0x0000ffff, dh=0x00009300, valid=1
ss:s=0x0000, dl=0x0000ffff, dh=0x00009300, valid=7
es:s=0x0000, dl=0x0000ffff, dh=0x00009300, valid=1
fs:s=0x0000, dl=0x0000ffff, dh=0x00009300, valid=1
gs:s=0x0000, dl=0x0000ffff, dh=0x00009300, valid=1
ldtr:s=0x0000, dl=0x00000000, dh=0x00000000, valid=0
tr:s=0x0000, dl=0x00000000, dh=0x00000000, valid=0
gdtr:base=0x000faeb2, limit=0x30
idtr:base=0x00000000, limit=0x3ff