Phase 2 — The Partition Boot Block

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This code uses INT 12 to, in general, find the top of low memory. Next, the result (approx 639) has 54h subtracted, AND result with FFF0h, and then shifted left 6 bits. This will be the load segment for the next code file (ie calculated load segment). The Bochs drive returns 639 from the INT12 call, so the load segment is 8800h.

All disk access during this phase uses INT13 calls to interface with the drive. After loading the next module a far return to (calculated load segment):199C is performed. This code is placed in the partition when the file is run against it. So, the executable writes the partition sector/micro-FSD and os2boot.

The errors that can be encountered during this phase are:

  • an error when performing the next module load (INT13 Ext) which results in an emission of DAP information, – SYS2027 – message, and the system hangs. Getting this error is an indication of a failed INT13 load from the procedure readdrive which is also used in Phase 3.
  • ‘Invalid code for JFS’ (followed by address code) which is emitted after the next module is loaded and a check for the signature 1961h at (calculated load segment):0200 fails. For normal operation I assume this error would be an indication that os2boot could not be loaded and possibly running against the partition could correct it.

The module loaded in Phase 2 contains code to continue the boot process and the micro-FSD. Using the Bochs drive image, 20h sectors are loaded at 8800:0000 and the entry point is 8800:199C.

More detailed information can be found here:

Bootable JFS Bootsector Code (BPB)